The originality, spontaneity and irrepressible zest for life that are so strongly associated with Spain are eminent in all Pons Quintana shoes.
Since 1953, when Santiago Pons Quintana founded the company in Menorca, until today that the second generation has taken over, one man’s dream to create high-quality women’s shoes still remains.
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The story begins several decades ago, when the designer first created the famous “Babucha” slippers, establishing a new concept of home footwear.
Since then, craftsmanship and tradition are key characteristics of all Pons Quintana shoes, manufactured with attention to detail by a team of experienced French and Italian designers.
The flagship of the brand, however, remains the “woven shoe”: born in the late 60s, it is a timeless piece that maintains its own unique style.
Traditional weaving, now technically advanced, keeps craftmanship alive while bringing the past and the present together.
Pons Quintana slippers, platforms and women’s sandals retain the characteristics that made the brand popular throughout Europe and offer a special, genuine, and comfortable shoe, ideal for summer.
Elegance, comfort, feminine silhouettes, and a careful color palette contributed to the success of this year’s Pons Quintana new collection, making it a favorite among fashionistas.

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