VEJA women’s sneakers are among the favorites of fashionistas, not only for their design and quality but also because they represent one of the most sustainable choices in the fashion industry.

Fair trade and sustainable fashion are fundamental pillars on which VEJA relies to create boots, athletic shoes, and their iconic white women’s sneakers that have been a signature of the brand for years.

The organic cotton used in VEJA sneakers is sourced from farmers in Brazil and Peru, while one of the main materials used in the sole of each VEJA sneaker, Amazonian rubber, is directly purchased from cooperatives formed by families in the region at prices up to 220% higher than the average.

As for the women’s leather shoes of the company, particularly the sneakers we love, they are also made from fully traceable leather without any chemical additives. All the leather comes from verified and certified tanneries in southern Brazil, ensuring that the VEJA shoes you wear are ethically sourced.

Today, purchase a pair of women’s VEJA shoes, ideal for your everyday strolls and even for a professional dinner when combined with a suit.

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