The inspiration for the women’s moccasins may have come from the men’s counterparts, but soon they have become an ideal choice for the sunniest days of the year. Designed in sophisticated silhouettes and known for their comfort and dynamic character, moccasins are especially popular with women. In the same style are also the women’s loafers, which are quite similar to moccasins but differ mainly due to their design. They do not have laces, but a comfortable form with a flat surface that offers safety and easy fit.

Undoubtedly, the women’s leather moccasins are distinguished for a more imposing style that matches the atmosphere of the office. But they can be combined with a daily set of clothes for all hours of the day or even better for Sunday excursions away from the city. Like Robert Glergerie’s Aline design that easily combines with your every spring and summer look, giving discreet luxury to your ensemble.

A choice of flatform moccasins will ensure your comfort from morning to night. For an elegant and modern ensemble, combine them with a skirt and sweater or, if the weather allows, try the combination with jean shorts or linen Bermuda shorts and silk shirts for summer looks.

Also, a pair of women’s leather loafers can be a special and elegant selection for walks in the countryside and office days. It can be combined with animal prints and basic clothes colors for a more advanced and playful result or even with a mini leather skirt for more casual and youthful looks.

The Greek company KARIDA 1912 continues to create products with excellent quality leather, with 100 years of experience to accompany it. She discovered women’s shoes, leather bags, and accessories through her online store and its branches in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Larissa.





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