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The www.fratellikarida.com and www.fratellikarida.gr websites are the online store of " KARIDAS L.T.D.", available for display and disposal purposes. It is registered under the name "Fratelli Karida" and is located in Tsimiski 28, Thessaloniki, Greece, pc:54624.

Before entering the online store and navigating our web site, you are asked to carefully read the following terms and conditions that are tailored-made to the use of Fratelli Karida online store that is available on www.fratellikarida.com & www.fratellikarida.gr . Make sure that you agree with the following terms and conditions because further use and navigation of www.fratellikarida.com & www.fratellikarida.gr website involve explicit and unconditional consent and acceptance to them.


1. Terms

Fratelli Karida reserves the right to change or modify the present terms and conditions of online transactions in its sole discretion.

2. Information and Products

Fratelli Karida is bound to secure the quality, thoroughness and accuracy of information provided on the ''www.fratellikarida.com & www.fratellikarida.gr'' websites, both in terms of data preciseness and services available at its online store. This applies under any circumstances but those of technical failure, misprint- circumstances that could never be foreseen or emerge deliberately- or disruption to the operation of web site due to force majeure events.

3. Intellectual property rights

This web site is the official online store of ''KARIDAS L.T.D.'' The content of this web site, including site layout, images, design, photographs, texts, available services and products, constitutes intellectual property of Fratelli Karida and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European Law, and international treaties.

4. Security

Fratelli Karida online store recognizes the importance of protecting your Personal Data, as well as, your electronic transactions and takes all necessary measures to provide you with the highest possible protection applying the most modern and advanced methods. All information related to your personal data and transactions is secure and confidential.

5. Customer Identification

The codes that are used for identification purposes are two: an Entry Code (e-mail or username) and a Secret Personal Security Code (password). Each time you insert them, you are granted secure access to your personal data.

You are given the possibility to change your Secret Personal Security Code as often as you may wish. Your personal data is accessible just by you through the aforementioned codes and you are solely responsible for keeping it in strict privacy and secrecy. In case of loss or disclosure, you should notify us immediately. Otherwise, the Fratelli Karida online store is not liable for the use of your password by unauthorized parties.

For security reasons, you are advised to change your password on a regular basis and avoid the use of similar or even easy-to-crack passwords (ex. date of birth). * Automatic Disconnection

6. Payment Methods

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7. Successful completion of Order

Upon successful completion of order, the following message appears (example): "YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED. THANK YOU". Please, check your inbox. We have sent you a confirmation email with your order details.

8. Shipping Cost/Product Delivery

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9. Order Delays

Under the following circumstances, your order could be late:

  1. Ordered item is in shortage or out of stock, In this case, one of our associates would contact you and advise you on alternative options at earliest convenience.
  2. In case of adverse weather conditions, strikes or force majeure events or in other words unfortunate circumstances, capable to affect your order shipment and delivery.
  3. In case you can not be reached over the phone or via email (if a problem rises in your order regarding the product itself or its payment) because your registered contact details are not up-to-date.

10.Returns & Exchanges

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