Christina Martini and Nikolas Minoglou are the masterminds behind Ancient Greek Sandals, the handmade leather sandals that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.
The Greek brand reflects the creators’ love for Ancient Greek sculpture and mythology, creating collections of timeless must-haves.
The women’s sandals of the brand do not go unnoticed: the Ancient Greek Sandals Alethea, Irida, Apteros, Clio and Eleftheria are just few of the pieces that effortlessly blend the historical charm of Ancient Greece with cool modern elegance.
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Using the finest materials, the designers combine quality with aesthetics for ultimate results.
It is the raw yet feminine aesthetic that makes AGS so special, while the traditional techniques used by the brand’s experienced artisans add glamor to all collections.
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Every feature of the Ancient Greek Sandals shoes has been designed with attention to detail: the wedge between the sole and the heel elevates the foot, the non-slip sole under the leather insole provides a firm grip while the no-lining edges and platinum rivets complete the look.
A variety of techniques is used to decorate the upper part of the sandals: beads, braids, laces, embossed designs, and prints are available to designers for a captivating effect.
The trademark of the brand is the winged buckle that refers to the myth of the sandal maker who was crafting the sandals of ancient Greek gods, known for the winged sandals he created for Hermes, the Olympian Gods’ messenger!
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