Although they are traditionally considered as men’s shoes, Brogues have managed to find their place in women’s fashion, breaking down any rules and stereotypes. Thus, they are loved by women and, because of their refined design, they stand out for their charming and unique character.
Also, Derbies women’s shoes are of similar logic, exceptional aesthetics, hence they constitute a frequent choice of several women. They are characterized by the special design with the open binding that leaves the tongue visible, but also by the seam for the recesses that the laces pass through the upper part of the shoes.
With a tradition in footwear for more than a century, the Greek company KARIDA 1912 has created a category with Brogues and Derbies for women from brands of undoubted craftsmanship, superb quality, and premium materials, such as raffia and handmade leather knitting.
For a modern and sophisticated look that you can embrace at any occasion, from a walk in the city to professional duties, a pair of Brogues shoes could be the perfect option. They match well with midi high-waisted leather skirts or just with boyfriend jeans and a silk shirt for a look that is distinguished by elegance.
Derbies shoes are the favorite choices of celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne and Emma Roberts, as they are comfortable and offer irresistible style. With special details and characteristic elements, they can match incredibly with a midi dress creating a cool contrast or with fabric pants for a more alternative look.
Discover the large collection of women’s shoes, leather bags, and accessories of KARIDA 1912 through the renewed online store and its branches in Thessaloniki, Athens, and Larissa.






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