It is no secret that sneakers, apart from being able to support any style, regardless of the month and the season, can provide comfort, even if you wear them from early in the morning until late at night. With experience and knowledge for more than a century in the footwear sector, the company KARIDA 1912 has created a unique collection of women’s leather sneakers that are distinguished for their fine quality and designs with special decorative details.

A popular variation is the chunky sneakers, which are made from the combination of leather and mesh and easily fit the needs of every woman, due to the volume of the sole. Their design can be paired with Midi dresses, for unique feminine looks, while women’s double sneakers can enhance the length of the body with a few extra height points. By the same token, platform sneakers can be matched perfectly with many clothes, from jeans and tight trousers to airy dresses.

A different design, the high tops sneakers, are quite reminiscent of the boots, as their seam reaches up to the ankle. They are elegant and relaxing, while they can be worn with cropped jeans or opaque tights for a uniform silhouette.

The combination of soft leather, with the fabric laces and the detail in the patent leather sneakers, can create a minimalist result for appearances that last all day. Why not wear it with a satin maxi skirt or even with fabric pants for a splendid result?

A total – black outfit can match the sneakers with leopard print and complete your everyday look, emphasizing the design on the shoe. Also, a pair of women’s sneakers without laces in combination with a knitted skirt and a comfortable coat could put you in the spotlight.

The online store of KARIDA 1912 allows you to choose from top shoes, leather bags, and accessories. Alternatively, you can choose a trip to its physical stores in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Larissa for your shopping.






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